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Doom Builder 64 is a heavily modified version of Pascal Van Heiden's Doom Builder that supports level creation for Doom 64. This version features numerous changes to support Doom 64's own level format as well as several additions and improvements to the editor itself.

Setup and Configuration

In order to begin mapping, Doom Builder 64 must be able to find and read the game IWAD. After launching the editor, go to Tools --> Game Configuration and under the resource tab, add the Doom64 IWAD

New Controls

  • Copy sector colors (Q) (Sector Edit Mode)
  • Paste sector colors (shift + Q) (Sector Edit Mode)
  • Copy sector colors (Z) (Visual 3D Mode)
  • Paste sector colors (X) (Visual 3D Mode)
  • Toggle lighting only (no textures) (V) (Visual 3D Mode)
  • Toggle fullbright mode (no colored lighting) (B) (Visual 3D Mode)
  • Rotate thing left (,) (Thing Edit Mode)
  • Rotate thing right (.) (Thing Edit Mode)

Changes and Updates

Below lists some changes and updates featured in Doom Builder 64


  • New color display for linedef types: (invisible, monster blocking, secret lines, and tag-only lines).
  • Custom icons for camera and trigger things


Wad Loading

  • Support for Doom64 format
  • Support for texture indexing

Visual 3D Mode

  • Option to toggle lighting only and disable texture display
  • Option to toggle full bright mode (no colored lighting)
  • Display 3D arrow based on thing's angle


Doom Builder 64 on Sourceforge

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