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Subversion is a version control system used for keeping track of changes to source code. Subversion allows to:

  • See a revision history made to the source code
  • Update your local copy to the latest version and merge the changes automatically
  • See the changes you made locally, compared to the version on the SVN server

This is very useful for those working with source code, doing bug fixes, making changes or simply compiling the latest version if you wish to try out the latest features or updates.

Checking Out Sources

The best way to obtain the source is to download an SVN client, preferably TortoiseSVN.

Using TortoiseSVN

  • After you have installed the software, right click on or in the directory you want to download the source code to. From the right click menu choose the "SVN Checkout" option.
  • Enter a URL from any branch of your choice into the "URL of repository" box and click OK.
  • Wait until the source code has been downloaded (the code is several megabytes in size, so it can take a while to download it).
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