Installation and Using WadGen

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  • Download Doom64EX here
  • Create a empty directory (IE. C:\Games\Doom64\)
  • Unzip the zip file into the new directory

Using Wadgen

WadGen is a utility that comes with Doom 64 EX that will take the data from the ROM and output the necessary game files needed to run the game. WadGen will dump out an IWAD (game data) and a SoundFont file (sound data).

Run Wadgen and you will be prompt to select a ROM file. Below is a list of valid ROM files recognized by Wadgen:

  • .N64
  • .V64
  • .Z64

If Wadgen fails to detect the ROM or a crash occurs when reading the ROM, then the ROM may be damaged, corrupted or invalid. After a few seconds, Wadgen should output both DOOM64.WAD and DOOMSND.SF2. These files must be in the same directory as the game executable.

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