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Is Doom64 EX a source port?

No, although it is written in the same spirit of extending and enhancing Doom64 with bugfixes and optional features

Does Doom64 EX use any source code from the original game?

Code is based off of the source code of Doom 2 released under the GPL license by id Software. Midway never released the source code to Doom 64 which means that the code unique to Doom64 EX has been written from scratch with the aid of a disassembler to insure accuracy in certain areas.

Does Doom64 EX include the actual game data or IWAD?

No. You will need the WadGen utility to convert the ROM data (which you must acquire yourself) into an IWAD.

What is WadGen?

WadGen is a utility that comes with Doom64 EX that will take the data from the ROM and output the necessary game files needed to run the game. WadGen will dump out an IWAD (game data) and a SoundFont file (sound data).

Is this project open source?

Yes. Doom64 EX is licensed under GPL. Source code is available on the SVN repository hosted by SourceForge

When will the next version of Doom64 EX be out?

Whenever it's done and ready. I do have a life outside of Doom64 EX, so please be patient. Asking on the forums or IRC will not help. In the meantime, you can use the unofficial builds which can be found on the Testing & Feedback forum.

What platforms does Doom 64 EX support?

Both Windows and Linux (32/64 bits). Contributers for the MacOS port are welcomed.



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