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Console variables can be set through the console by pressing the ~ key. These variables are also stored in config.cfg

Variable Name Description
am_lines determines to render automap lines or not
am_nodes renders BSP nodes in automap (1 - 4)
am_ssect renders subsectors in automap (1 - 4)
am_fulldraw renders lines and floors that are flagged to be hidden
am_showkeycolors renders key objects to their corresponding color in automap
am_showkeymarkers render key objects as arrows in automap
am_drawobjects renders object arrows as sprites in automap
am_overlay renders automap as overlay
r_fov sets the render field of view
r_fillmode setting cvar to 0 will render everything as wireframe
r_fog toggles fog on or off
r_filter toggles texture filter to linear or nearest
r_looksky TODO
r_wipe toggles the screen melt effect when changing levels
r_drawtris renders geometry as wireframe
r_drawmobjbox renders object bounding boxes
r_drawblockmap renders blockmap
r_drawtrace renders ray trace checks as color-coded lines
r_texturecombiner toggles core texture shading
r_rendersprites toggles between how sprites are rendered (billboard, align to pitch view, etc)
  • 0 = auto (if video card supports non-power of two textures)
  • 1 = padded (adds padding to non-power of two textures)
  • 2 = scaled (scale image to fit power of two dimentions)
v_msensitivityx mouse x sensitivity
v_msensitivityy mouse y sensitivity
m_mlook toggles mouse look
v_mlookinvert toggles inverted mouse look
v_width video width
v_height video height
v_windowed toggles video fullscreen mode
v_vsync toggles vsync
v_depthsize set video depth size
v_buffersize set video color buffer size
i_gamma texture gamma
i_affinitymask TODO
i_brightness sets the intensity for the global lighting color
i_cpupriority TODO
i_interpolateframes toggles if geometry should be interpolated between tics, resulting in smoother framerate
i_rsticksensitivty sets the sensitivity for xbox 360 analog stick
r_stickthreshold set the threshold for smooth turning for xbox 360 analog stick
i_xinputscheme toggles control scheme layout for xbox 360 controller
m_messages toggles messages
m_menufadetime sets how fast the menu fades in and out
m_menumouse enables menu mouse cursor
m_cursorscale set the scale of the menu cursor
m_playername sets player name for other online players to see
p_allowjump toggles jumping
p_autoaim toggles autoaim
p_features enable/disable features menu
p_autorun toggles autorun
p_fdoubleclick TODO
p_dsoubleclick TODO
p_usecontext toggles highlighting of useable objects in game
p_damageindicator toggles showing arrows of the source of the attacker(s)
  • 0 = hide hud
  • 1 = normal hud
  • 2 = absolution/TC style hud
st_crosshair toggles crosshair
st_crosshairopacity TODO
s_sfxvol sound volume (0 - 100)
s_musvol music volume (0 - 100)
compat_collision toggles between N64 collision verses normal collision detection
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