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Console commands can be executed through the console by pressing the ~ key. Bind and Seta commands are automatically stored in config.cfg.

Command Name Description Args
+fire fires weapon none
+strafe strafe left or right when held (uses left/right turn keys) none
+use interact none
+run enable running when held none
+jump perform a jump none
+strafe fires weapon weapon number/slot
nextweap select next weapon in slot none
prevweap select previous weapon in slot none
+forward move forward none
+back move back none
+left turn left none
+right turn right none
+lookup looks up none
+lookdown looks down none
+center center look view none
+strafeleft strafe to the left none
+straferight strafe to the right none
bind binds a console command to a key key name(no lower case), console command name
unbind unbinds a key key name(no lower case)
unbindall unbinds all keys none
seta set a value to a console variable console variable name, value
quit shuts down game none
exec executes another config file file name
listcmd lists all console commands in console none
god toggle god mode none
noclip toggle no clip mode none
give all gives all keys and weapons none
give weapon gives a weapon (1 - 8)
give key gives a key (1 - 6)
give artifact gives an artifact (1 - 3)
killall kills all enemies none
mapall maps the entire automap none
pause pauses the game none
spawnthing spawns a thing in front of the player mobjinfo ID
exitlevel exits level to map## warp ##
trigger performs a line action trigger action type, tag ##
setcamerastatic change player camera to floating camera none
setcamerachase toggle chase cam none
dumpglext output a text file listing all supported OpenGL extensions none
dumptextures flushes all textures; forcing the renderer to reload them none
resettextures forces renderer to rebind all textures none
automap toggles automap none
+automap_in zoom in none
+automap_out zoom out none
+automap_left pan left none
+automap_right pan right none
+automap_up pan up none
+automap_down pan down none
+automap_freepan when held, pan the automap around with mouse none
automap_follow toggle follow mode none
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