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See this article on the full description of the command line parameter in Doom. Below are parameters specific to Doom64 EX:

Parameter Name Inputs Description
-iwad <filenames> specify main iwad name to use during load
-file <filenames> specify pwad or lump file(s) to load
-devparm n/a Enables developer mode. Very useful for testing custom wads (see DEVPARM.TXT for more information about using developer mode).
-nogun n/a don't draw player's gun sprite on screen.
-nomonsters n/a No monsters are spawned in game
-nosound n/a Disable sound interface
-nomusic n/a Disable ingame music
-noxinput n/a Disables XInput
-fast n/a Enables fast monsters
-respawn n/a Enables respawning monsters
-respawnitem n/a Respawn items in game after being picked up
-skill <0 - 4> start game on specified skill
-warp <1 - 33> warp to specified level on load
-record <demo lump name> records a demo to a lump file
-width <value> specify screen width
-height <value> specify screen height
-window n/a run game in window mode
-fullscreen n/a run game in fullscreen mode
-turbo <value> Enables turbo mode based on speed value
-playdemo <lump file> Plays a demo lump
-setvars <cvar name, value> Set a cvar value. Can set multiple cvars following '-setvars'
-timedemo n/a TODO: Add description
-config <filename> use alternate config.cfg file.
-heapsize size value Allocate an <n> MB heap (Default=32) Hardware renderer needs less memory than software. A setting of >half physical memory will probably cause excessive swapfile paging and deteriorated preformance.
-server n/a Host a game. When one or more clients connects, press any key to begin the network game.
-connect <ip address> Connect to a game hosted by the server
-port port number Specify network port
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